When most people get the idea of working at home, they enter in under the misconception that it will be a leisurely experience.  This idea is very common among people that are just starting a family and have this idea that working from home will give them the opportunity to stay home all day with the kids, keep up with the household chores, and just never get dressed for work again.  While all of this sounds great, it just is not realistic if a person wants to be successful when working from home.  Especially if you are interested in entering the Customer Care field that we offer here at CB Staffing.

Honestly it is very important to come to work every day with the idea that you are going into a traditional office.  Even though you will be working from the comfort of your own home, it is very important that the customers you are assisting always feel that you are in a professional environment.  This means that your workstation must be secure, quiet, and free from the interruptions of your home life.

Tips on Avoiding Background Noise

  • Keep office room door locked while servicing clients.
  • If other family members are present, be sure they know your office is off limits.
  • Do NOT work with pets or children in your home office.
  • Ensure no TV's or radios are playing in the background.
  • Put a sign on door asking visitors not to ring the bell.
  • Schedule lawn service outside of your working hours.
  • Turn Cell Phones off or keep on silent if needed for emergencies.

 So What is the Benefit of Working From Home?

For starters you can say goodbye to that long commute every morning.  With the prices of gas constantly going up, saving on gas is a very welcomed benefit.  As an added bonus you can also say goodbye to those unreasonable co-workers. That is right, no more dealing with office drama (doing extra work for the same pay due to lazy co-workers, dealing with the complainer that uses the office as a soap box to complain about everything, or having to put up with the co-worker with the plain old rude temper every day, etc.).  So for starters, working from home can give you peace of mind and a stress free environment.

While you won't be able to focus on your household during the hours you are working, you still have the luxury of picking your own hours every week.  Our schedules are released a week at a time and each day has 30 minute time blocks.  This means you have the flexibility to work around your home schedule so that it is not a struggle putting you or your family first.  Plus, most of our clients have  a 15 hour minimum service requirement and an unlimited maximum.  This means you can literally work as little or as much as you want each day.  And trust us, there are plenty of hours available for our representatives, so you won't have to worry about lack of work.

Please don't forget about those tax benefits.  Because you are required to maintain your own home office, there are so many tax deductibles available to you.  Most people already have a home computer, internet, and phone service.  Once you start using these things for work you can start deducting the cost of these every month as business expenses.  This means you can deduct your monthly phone bill, monthly internet bill, a portion of your monthly utility bills, etc.  Please remember that you can also deduct any training and start up cost that may be required. And if you need to purchase a new compute or equipment to service, you can deduct that too.  Most people dread tax season, but with deductions like these you can look forward to putting a little extra money back in your pocket at the end of each year.

So is Working From Home Right for You?

If you think you have what it takes to successfully work from home please take the time to contact us with any questions you may have.

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